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"FHM the" heroine contests who is the most lovable?

Wangluodan since starred in a the Du Lala this role, Garments qualitative improvement gradually light Mature. The play, she played a Mo Min 80 appearance of youthful white-collar the flagship white dress, coat with soft knit cap, lady yet lovely, always could not conceal her quirky features. Was given the title of the "the hundred percent aesthetic" girl. Wang Luo Dan plays Mo MIN drama, cutting-edge idol actor Dan Feng-ying, who plays the young beautiful dream of overnight success simple girl A one thousand, the play style is changing, white-collar dress different from several other actresses, mix and match line the ringing, hats, scarves, gloves and other accessories to go one less piecemeal shape heartfelt demonstration of rebellious nature. Dan Feng Ying in acting while often study their own clothing, variety with style as she wanted to, and ultimately by the crew of the adoption of a full trend with skill. Dan Feng Ying played A one thousand Sui Junbo appear on the screen, so a lot of the audience to his debut, white skin, so a lot of people said she had brother quite a bit similar to the shape of an outspoken neutral short hair cut. Her and play like FHM "bib control, the handsome motorcycle jacket and neutral colors to create a kind of" Prince "stand out from the many" flirtatious "heroine. Sui Junbo plays Amy Wang Ziwen played in drama and Huang Lei Luo book full staged a game full of teachers and students love comedy, a candy-colored attire in order to fit the role of the funny, Wang Ziwen preemptive Duorenyanqiu, hit the color with bold and creative, cute hat is a sign of her, to reflect a younger generation the dare say Ganchuan the character. Wang Ziwen played Xiaoxiao the Nice Bottom Queen "said Zhang Li plays the" material girl "Miki, perfect body and sexy styling also became a drama major highlight, walk in front of the fashion, sexy fashion advantage of her beautiful, Korean elegant wear supporting a completely feminine, can not help people with prior to the Du Lala compared to course work than too rigidly adhere of Du Lala sexy and confident much. Zhang Li plays the "material girl" Miki Yao flute "come and gone" so a lot of the audience that did not look fun, her shrewd image has been impressive. College students play snow a modern pretty girl looks like, Nordic Wind embodied in her head, the costumes before the "Tong Jiaqian" boom can not be underestimated, sweet Nordic ethnic patterns single product will be in the upcoming Winter continued to be popular. Yao plays flute college students snow


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